1st meeting in Toyokawa, Japan

11th May, 2002. The first CBX owner's meeting had been exhibited with three guys. Masami from Aichi, Hiyoshi from Shizuoka and me, Yasuda from Kyoto.
Hiyoshi's CBX photos are here.
(The photo, me, Hiyoshi and Masami from left to right.)

At that day, we gathered at a restrant near by Toyokawa exit of Toumei high spped motor way. Then we moved to Nagashino area with other motos.
I, Yasuda could not run the own CBX yet. Therefore I joined to my another machine, Honda CB-1.
It was the day that I made a fresh rsolve to restore my CBX to go to the next meeting.

Photos of the day;

550F2 has the fork stabilizer originaly. I did not know. 400F also has it but very thin.

I was staring at Hiyosi's 550F2 because it was so beautiful.

The slow but widely shimmy steering is common problem of CBX owners. Masami had been fixed it by changing the beering of the steering head and the bottom. Hiyoshi also fixed it by choosing tyres. DUNLOP K300 for front, K527 for rear. Just for your information.

Please organize the local meeting on your area by yourselfs! It should be a great joy for you.
Of course if you did, please send a brief report to me. I will put on my web. Let us join now!

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