Hiyoshi's CBX 550 F2

Here is a letter from Hiyoshi with photos of his machine.

Nice to meet you, I report the story of the restoration by a miracle of my 550F2, blue/white. I say thanks for this website.
Actually, 13 years ago. I had been bundled clothes the machine with some preservation. It was June of this year, I unveiled the CBX in the corner of the storeroom to out. Even under the cover, it was coverd with dust. After washing it, I wondered it was unexpectedly good looking. I wished it might be revied again....
Of course, tyired and battery was dead. There is no rust of the inside of the gas tank at a grance. I resigned to revive if the engine was not move. But I could do it. I turn the crank shaft slowly by hand for lubrication by oil. Then I connect the machine to the battery of my car with fat cables and run the starter moter.
After the cranking arround 10 seconds, I heard a little breathing. More 10 seconds after, finaly the engine revived. I could not believe it at that time.
I overhauled and fixed both brakes that has not moved pistons well by the rust. I also changed tires and battery in the shop of near by my home. In June, I passed the inspection to back a road. (In Japan, all motos and cars has to pass the periodicaly inspection. It is safy regulations of the law.) And I changed the oil of the rear sunpension. It was the compromise point of me.
After I run over 2000 Km. A little leaking of the oil in front fork is but the others are fine.
I take good care of my machine with running. It was the restoration by a miracle.


cbx01.jpg cbx02.jpg cbx03.jpg
cbx04.jpg cbx05.jpg cbx06.jpg

The comment from Webmaster:
The fine 550F2 almost in normal parts. You can see the guard bar of the engine, it is the option from Honda.
I also closed my 400F2 almost 7 years ago. In these days, some guys reports the revival of their old CBXs. I also want to be back my 400F to the road. (But I have to get a secure garage first... In Japan, CBX is one of the target of young thieves.)

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