My CBX400F Integra History

Jan. 1983 (before my 17 years old)
My father bought it. (but it is for my brother)
Summer, 1983
My brother make an accident with a car. Not so hard repairing.
Aug. 1984 (age of 18)
I got a license and start to ride on it.
Jun. 1992 (age of 26)
I placed it into the barn. I bought new CB-1 machine.
Summer, 1995
Moved from my home barn to the garage of my friend.
Summer, 1997
I went to see it and appended oil to the petrol tank.
I ordered a new ignition key set that was not good. A new seat was also ordered for the day to restart it.
7 Oct. 1997
I made a "with your CBX400F" web page for the day.
May 2002
I succeed to take back my 400F to the road again!

There are a lot of Japanese written report here, and Google translate might help you to catch them up.
[ I try machine translate ]

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