Yamamoto's CBX400F

January 2004, I have received a letter from Mr. Yamamoto again.

Good evening Yasuda-san,
It is Yamamoto, thank you for all about the 2nd meeting.

I have maintained the link of the rear suspension system. It never disassembled for over 20 years so then it was awful conditon than my expectation. For your information, photos are here.
And the front brake switch was broken but Honda has spare still now, it relieved me.
You also maintain the head of engine of yours too, I am afraid about parts supplies. At least the exterior package parts are out of stock. If you know some parts info, please let me know.
I am looking forward to the 3rd meeting.

b01.jpg b02.jpg

Hideaki Yamamoto

From Yasu.
I also maintained this link parts every 4 years for oil lubrication.
I think it is one of the week points of CBX.
It is no problem to open the head of the engine for me because I stocked consumable parts such as pistons, rings and gaskets. But now, pistons or some parts had been run out. Rings may be available. Valves are too.
I think a part of cam chain tensioner system is out of stock of Honda.

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