CBX 550F essay again and photos

The bike has a single race seat I bought in Japan. It doesn't need any special brackets. It is bolted to the grabrail bolt holes at the back, and to the holes at the back of the tank at the front. To fit it properly I have to remove the airbox ond fit pod filters. In the pictures it is fitted very roughly. I still have to make a proper cusion for the seat.

The footpegs are also from Japan. They feel better than the standard ones to me, but my Dad doesnt like them.

I want to make it into a dedicated bike for track days, because I don't get a chance to ride it much since our new baby arrived, and its too expensive to register and insure if it's only going to be used a few times a year. To do this, I plan to remove all the lights except the brake light. Hopefully I can then use smaller a battery, which I will relocate behind the seat. I will put back on the clip-on handle bars, which I had on before but took off because they were too uncomfortable for day to day use.

I want to put on a half fairing like they used to use on endurance race rs in the early '80s mainly because I like the feeling of tucking in behind a big bulbous wind screen.

All I want to do to the engine is play around with the jetting etc. to get the best out of it on the track. The other stuff I wanted to do,such as change wheel, front fork, breaks etc will have to wait till I become rich, or our new baby gets married and leaves home.

Please e-mail me if any one has advice about making a track day bike.

cbx1.jpg cbx2.jpg

Robert Wooley (woollsm@fastlink.com.au)