CBX 550 story

Hi everybody,

It's nice to find a CBX page in the web, thanx to everyone who put photos and stories in the web.

I own a 1982 model, it's standard apart from the bikini fairing (very good), digital speedo, oil thermometer, changed indicators (the original ones look crap, don't they ?!?), hotgrips, 4-1 sebring exhaust (goooood sound!!!) and a bike alarm (unfortunately I DO need it, it's a shame.)

The bike has done 79.000 kilometres so far and still goes fine (ok, ok, it HAS it's second engine). The only problem is a little rough engine run in lower revs that couldn't be cured by tuning the carburetors, but it's not to bad. All in all it's a very reliable bike although it seems to react extremely sensitive to weather conditions. That means in very cold / very hot air the bike goes far more roughly than in let's say 10 - 20 degrees centigrade and dry air.

But this only shows again my CBX's HAS got a sort of soul ;-))). My CBX is a 50 PS model that goes 165 - 170 km/h on a gooooood day with no wind. Normally 160. Some of you wrote their CBX goes 200 km/h, I can not believe that. What engines do you have? even with 65 PS the top speed should not exceed 180 - 190 km/h.

So don't grind the streets with your handlebars, it gives a bad sound.


By the way, could you please send me your consumption figures (oil / petrol) for comparison?? My CBX takes 5 litres/100 km (48 mpg) and 0.5 - 1 litre oil every 1000 km. Thanx!

Volker (koenig_v@efwtn1.et.tu-dresden.de)