Ushijima's 400F

I have got a letter and photos from Ushijima.

This is Ushijima living in Fukuoka, Japan.
I am building now a 400F that I have bought on the net.
It is a little bit hard to do cause less parts availability. (Not available even a spring for the side stand.) I bought it with some kind of sympathy because it was modified BOUSOU-ZOKU taste, a typical style of motorstyle gang of Japan.

So I believe it is better for it to be ridden by a veteran rider (26 years career I have). I asked to the factory about painting of the frame with blast but engine had been done by myself. I will do also the other small parts.

There are something that I don't want to touch. Sometime I think it is the time to stop it. But when I see the web page of Yasuda-san, so I can keep my motivation. Solid color type exterior package are ready now. I want to place them at an early date.

a01.jpg a02.jpg a03.jpg a04.jpg

Takashi Ushijima (
May. 2005.

From Yasuda: 26 years rinding carrier is almost the same of me. Probably Ushijima-san is almost the same age of myself. I hope we can meet sometime, somewhere.

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