Swen's CBX550F

Here is a letter from Swen in Germany. And photos of his moto are also included.

Dear Yasuda,
today I send you a picture of my CBX550F. It was built in 1984 and has run 45.000km until now, and I've had all the known problems of the 550F.

1) Rear brake cylinder stucked: Last year the rear brake cylinder was stucked, after disassembling I found out that the sealings around the piston and the one which is located on the spring were swollen. I exchanged them by new ones and since then it's working perfect again

2) The cam chain is rattling: I've just shorten the spring cover a little because it was blocking the way of the tensioner arm. But I'm still re-assembling the engine, so I do not know wether the chain is still rattling or not. I will report later.

3) Starter motor full of oil: As I opened my starter-motor there was a huge amount of engine oil in it. So I pressed the input shaft out of it's bearing and found a hardened oil seal behind the bearing. I've just ordered a new bearing and a new oil seal, I think this will solve the problem. For those who want to know: The type of the bearing is: NTN 6003Z. The dimensions of the oil seal are: O.D. 35mm, I.D. 20mm, Thickness 5mm.

4) The ignition lock had a loose contact: A very funny fault, because it only appeared at speeds above 120 km/h. Suddenly the whole electric broke down, usually while I was passing a truck on a highway. After I had searched several days for the defect I bought a new ignition lock for safety.

I'm working with the Haynes Repair Manual and I find it very useful. A lot of photos and all necessary torque settings are included, so I think it's advisable.

As I mentioned before I'll report wether the cam chain is still rattling or not in a few weeks.

Have a nice day,
Swen Porschen
CBX 550F 1984 @ 45.000km
Cologne / Germany


Swen Porschen (swen.porschen@gmx.de)

Additional info from Swen.

Kindness Swen reports the result of the case of cam chain at 9 April, 2002. Thanks!
Hi Yasuda,
how are you doing? I promised to send you an update about the repair of the cam chain tensioner and here it is. I reassembled the engine and it's running fine, nothing to hear from the cam chain.
I'm wondering for how long it will be silent ;)
The starter motor is working fine, too. I think I will open it again in autumn, but I don't think that there will be any oil in it. The new oil seal should do its work.

Are you looking forward for the GP1 Grandprix in Suzuka? I think Honda and Rossi will do it again this year.

Have a nice day,


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