Saito's 400F

Hi, My name is Saito. It is also my favor about CBX and I have one long years too. Recently, I found Yasuda's website and looking around it frequntly. Here are my CBX's photos.

I bought it in 1982 as new, odometer shows 12,000Km at now. It was parked in my garage house always, no running in the rain and polish it carefuly. So it still keeps mint-condition as good as new, even it is 23 years old motorcycle. The engine always starts quickly by self starter everytime and it raise the rpm to the end easy without any brattle noise. But unfrotunately, the automobile inspection had been expired for 18 years, so I cannot ride on it on the public road.
From Hokkaido.

a01.jpg a02.jpg
a03.jpg a04.jpg
a05.jpg a06.jpg
a07.jpg a08.jpg

Aug. 2005.

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