Peter's CBX400F2

My CBX is whole painted red except yellow flames on the rear side and paintings on the fuel tank. Of course this is not the original bike color (mean - red,blue and white) but it's easy to understand that this is one of the easiest ways to make your motorcycle looks special and different from the others. Here in Bulgaria CBX 400 F-2 is not so popular machine (as far as I know there are not more than 4 or 5 motorcycles of this type). It's very hard to find what ever it is (literature) about this bike. This could be one of the reasons that cause this interest absence about CBX small engines (400cc & 550cc class). Other problem is missing of basic parts and accessories that are needed to keep what ever it is (Honda, Suzuki or Kawasaki) running more than 10 years. Eventhough I like this machine not only because it's small fuel consumption and comfort but because it's beauty and reliability (this is my opinion and is based on my experience on riding mainly motorcycles produced in CZ, Russia and other countries far away from todays motorcycle industry that's why this words may look stupid to someone else).

I bought this bike half a year ago and still can not make it run the way I want (as I said It is almost imposible to find here parts and components for this model). In bike documents I found that it is produced in 1984 but it's not for sure.

color: red & yellow
Year of production: 1984
Type: CBX 400F-2
Engine #: NC07E1006986

1. No front mask
2. Nothing changed in construction (outside)
3. Bike is imported from Italy
4. I'm the 4-th owner

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Please send me an adress where I can find information about CBX 400 F2.

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