Pasi's 550 F

I have got a letter from Pasi lives in Finland.

Hello Yasuda

I found your CBX-pages when I tried to find information on CBX Hondas.

These CBX550s were not sold here when they were new, only the 750 ones. But in our neighbor Sweden there seem to be always some for sale.

My 550 came to Finland about 5 years ago, I think. I haven't yet contacted the person who brought it here, from Germany probably.

I bought the bike from a guy who hadn't used it for several years, it was just sitting in his garage. There's only 42 000 kilometers on the meter and everything looks very original and undamaged. So there is some "waking up" to do on the bike. I guess the carburettors are clogged. I haven't been able to start it yet, because the ignition switch needs to be replaced.

Do you know if the ingnition switch is the same in other Hondas? There's no parts available here for a CBX550F and I haven't found any parts manuals for it in the net.

My other Hondas are a CB500K '79 and a CBR1000F '87.

Best regards,
Pasi Salomaki

And here is the second letter from him with a photo of his 550.

Unfortunately I didn't have any good photos of my CBX, here's one that I took when I first saw it. I rode my CBR some 200kms up north in a pouring rain to check out the CBX. If you look closely, there's my CBR in the right hand mirror :-)

Later I drove there with my ugly old Mazda pickup to take it home.

Now it is in my little "workshop" and I have taken some parts off as I am cleaning the bike. So I can't take any good photos until I put the bike back together. I hope you can wait for those.

Regards, Pasi

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