Niki's CBX550F2

Hi, my name is Niki.
I bought my CBX 550 F2 in the late summer of 2000. The mileage is close to 70,000 km. So a few problems are starting to appear. The cam chain tensioner for distance. It really a good machine, once you get to know it. I would not trade it for the world.

At the time it ferrari red, but soon I changing that to a cobalt blue. It totaly original, except for a lower cover that completes the existing one on the top. At the moment I do not have any pictures of it, but will return with them as soon, as possible.

I just pulled it out of the winter storage yesterday. But already a few changes has been made. When I bought the bike, I got parts from almost half a bike with it. So I changed the tank, side skirts, and rear panel, to the original color (Red,white,black).
The spare parts I have comes from a bike with only 18,000 km on the tachometer, so I have alot of almost new stuff for it.
That would might be to some use for other CBX owner who lives in the near of me. Because some of the parts, I willing to put up for sale. For an example, I have a set of carbs, that are as good as new. Well, I will be signing off now, but I promise to return as soon, as I have those pictures ready for you.

By the way, I am living in Denmark in the near of Copenhagen.

Yours friendly

Niki Strandholdt (

Here is the pictures I promised you of my Honda. I just changed it, so it looks a bit different than it used to do, but when it's back to "normal". I'll send some more pics.
It's a 1987 model, so it's one of the last.
Sorry for missing out on the background. The next time I'll try to get some shots with some typical Danish stuff.

yours friendly


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