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I have just dragged my old 1985 CBX400 out of the garage where it has been for the last 4 years unused. I have owned it since 1989 and used to ride it to work every day. It never failed to start. It needs a bit of work now as the fork seals have started to leak badly and the engine and some other parts need a paint touch up.
The battery was dead so I haven't tried to start it yet but hope to get it back on the road soon.
I live in Auckland New Zealand. I haven't seen many CBX models for a long time now but there used to be quite a few. I am hoping there are still parts available.

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Aug. 2003

The second letter from Ned.

The bike is an unusual colour but I think it is the original factory paint. It is not quite as good when you get close - there is a hole in the muffler and the pipes are a bit rusty. I will probably paint them gloss black. The seat has some splits in it. I will do a bit of work on the engine, brakes and fork seals before it goes back on the road. I have had a lot of fun riding it - the only Japanese motorcycle I have ever owned. I have had lots of British bikes but the Honda but it has been the most reliable!

Aug. 2003

The third letter from Ned.

The bike is a 1985 CBX400f with only 38000km. I have had it since 1988 and used to ride it to work every day until a few years ago. At the moment it is in pieces in my workshop as a few things have seized up. I am replacing all the fork seals, brake seals and repainting a lot of the engine and frame parts. I have also built a new muffler for the 4 into 1 exhaust as it was rusted. It sounds great. I can't wait to get it back on the road as I haven't ridden it except up and down our driveway for about three years now.

Nov. 2003

The fourth letter from Ned.

Hi Yutaka

I have finished restoring my CBX400 (at Christmas time) and it has been back on the road for a few months - it's so good to ride it again. It still looks like a great bike and lots of people have commented. I have not seen any others on the road here now for a long time now so maybe it is almost a collectible classic. The cam chain still rattles and the new muffler I made is quite noisy but it's a good growly sort of noise. I am riding it to work every day again (unless it is raining very hard).
I put some pictures on but they only come up in my personal page and there are no other CBX400s listed there. May be some of the other owners of bikes on your site should post their pictures there too.

Hope your CBX is going well

Apr. 2004


Ned Church.

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