Luca's CBX400F

My name is Luca I'have 21 years old and I'm from Italy.
My CBX is a 400cc version with engine 572cc, the latter is prepared with special camshaft,titanium valves ( + 2mm) and piped's head extend and super-compressed piston. The exhaust system is compound with 4-1 Marving and self-made silencer (is'not more silent!), also the final piped is self-made. The original carburetor is extended to 27mm and the air filter is modified.
The frame is reinforced and is assembled with Marzocchi forks (38mm) and mono-shock Yamaha (FZ 750), the wheels are Grimeca by 17 inch (110/70 front 150/70 rear, shortly change whith 120/60 and 160/60), the brakes are a mix, the front disk is Brembo by 320 mm like the pomp with separate thank, the pliers is a 4 piston is Sumitomo (FZR 1000), the rear brake system is compound with original pomp and Brembo disk by 220mm and Brembo pliers gold series.
The saddle is self-made with fiberglass undercoat and the rear light is a model for Ducati Monster while the headlights is the original of CBX.

The result of work? 98 HP and 150 kg of weight!
The CBX so modify is very fun and very fast! About 240 Km/h, the difficult is keep the handle-bar!
I hope you like! Double lightning every!

P.S. Sorry for my English

Mar. 2004 Luca.

cbx01.jpg cbx02.jpg cbx03.jpg cbx04.jpg

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