Lego's CBX550F

Nice to meet you, folks. I am Lego in Tokyo, JAPAN.

Here are photos of my CBX 550 F that was returned from Australia. I bought it 300,000 Yen in 20th of the last April.

The reason why I got it is for "Taste of Freerance" amature race event.

The exhibit class is D.O.B.A.R. ZERO2. That class is limited for the moto that was sold in '80s with iron frame.

Why I choose CBX? because CBX is the most fresh and powerful model when I got a license in my young days. Therefore it was the dream of mine.
At that time, I cannot reach it for the economical reason but even so, CBX is the one of my youthful memories.
Well, Match who was an idol star had been ridden on it in a movie "High teen boogie" ;-) I like Match still now.

I started to modify from early of May, now it almost finished except the motor.

Specs are;
front/rear changed to CB 400 SF, the frame reinforcement + inject forming urethane, repainting the frame, self made alminium battery case, self made fenderless, self made back steps, overhaul the engine, port polishing, center adjustment of the crank (by Moriwaki engineering), weight balance adjustment of pistons and con-rods, FCR carbretors and Alpha racing + OVER carbon silencer.

So, the engine is still disassembled that just finished the base treatment.
I am painting the exterior of the motor but there is no parts for replacement. The primary chain, con-rods, intake valves and valve guides... so important parts are out of stocks in Honda. Now I am thinking with hesitation that I should re-use original parts or wait new parts. Whmmm. It is serious...

Acturely I choose to replace a mono suspension of CBX to double rear shocks of CB 400 SF, yes I know the mono suspension is one of the pretty point of CBX, because it is for the tire selection. When I choose the high performance tire for 17 inch wheels, the machine's bottom will be down therefore I have to push up it by changing the lever ratio of the suspension with the rear swing arm angle. The result of that will make unexpected effect to the suspension system. And current ordinary parts is easy to setup on the circuit in short minits.

Maybe I know some guys will make some negative claims that this result is not CBX, it is CB 400 SF with CBX exteirors, I know, I know. Please forgive my decision because the racing performance is the first in this time.

I took photos of this machine from the original state to now for my recording. I will make my own website with photos in near future.

Here are photos of them. Please enjoy.


It is the shot when I got it. The photo shows it fine but the real is a little bit junky. Maybe it was used in the place near by some desert area because so small red sands are inside of the machine every parts.
Just start the reassembling. Parts that was removed had been sold by personal trading. Because I need money for new parts and race itself.
cbx03.jpg cbx04.jpg
The engine also had been disassembled. All parts were stored in small containers with grouping. It is easy to re-assemble.
cbx05.jpg cbx06.jpg
The reinforcement of the frame and the welding the new mount of the rear shocks. And more, undertubes were reinforcemented by Chrome-Molybdenum.
cbx07.jpg cbx08.jpg
I cutted off the extra parts like center stand mount then removed the paint, polished the rust, re-painted by urethane. Beautiful.
Basicly, I will run with the normal engine. Only with the polishment of air ports. I will send a report about the engine issue. Anyway there is no parts.... So sad...
cbx10.jpg cbx11.jpg cbx12.jpg
I finished except the engine.


From Webmaster : It is a beautfull machine. I am longing for your running in the circuit with a fine sound. Please send a report again.

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