Janos's CBX550F

This winter I could finally execute repainting and some renovating (new cam chain, spark plugs, air filter and valve clearance adjusting), so I can send two pictures.

Last year I ascertained a few things about my bike. So it's a 37kW (50 PS) modell.
In Germany were sold some of this variant, and mine was imported to Hungary in 1994.
Incidentally throttling was provided by camshafts.
Last summer my cam chain began to make this rattling at low rpm, so I changed it, now it runs very smoothly.

Here are the pictures:

cbx1.jpg cbx2.jpg

The new color is metal-red. Lettering I will make later.
Best regards,

15 Apr. 2001

Janos Fejes (f_janos@hotmail.com)