Hagiwara's CBX400F

cbx1.jpg cbx2.jpg

After new cabulators were assembled.

My machine with CR cab.

The naked machine when I attached cabs.

right-rear.jpg left-rear.jpg leftcab.jpg rearmuf.jpg
From the some viewpoints. The most popular exhaust pipe Yoshimura also attached.

1-2.jpg 3-4.jpg
From the over cabs. No.2 and 3 intakes is bending for escaping the frame. Especially no.2 is terrible.

And more, it is a home made helmet with a fammily crest.

In these days, no. 4 cylinder is not good tune. The leak test is OK and cab seems to makes gas correctly. I am afraid that the engine body itself is dameged.
But there are no sounds from engine unit... Maybe cab? Only no.4 is not good gas balance? Jet or needle problem?
It will snow while I am checking arround!

It is the usual case a man who owned these old motorcycle said someting. Fiat owner also said that "it's no wonder the rear dumper not work well" with some pride.

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