Groseb's 400F

Hi. So this is the photo!!

My name is Groseb, i'm tattoo artist, 30 years old. I'm from Louchats, a little "bourg" near Bordeaux, France.. we are 540 habitants. I've bought this cbx400f one week ago. it has 13000kms!! (real!), 1982. it's amazing. it was sleeping under a soft dufflecoat^^
do you ask me the price?? 300euros(370dollars)!!!!
some problems of fork and brakes (no use)... and it's gone!!!
now i'm asking myself : it's 100% pure original.... could I tune my cbx? or never touch a bit?

you can "remade" my text (excuse my poor/false english) !!



Aug. 2005.

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