Mr. F-3's RS400R

I have got a mail with photos from Mr. F-3.
Check out his moto maintenance shop Shio house in Japan.

This is only one CBX machine that we have.
RS400R is the popular name but it is not a name of complete machine. It just had been sold as kit parts and 'RS400R' is the generic name of these parts. Two model companies also sold plastic models as 'RS400R'. (In Japan)

This machine is the same coloring of the Honda's demonstration model when RS400R parts had been released. The moto in the advertisement photograph of the day is also the same. Of course, It is stored as alive. I turn on the motor several times every year and I run it on the road if I have a chance. This machine has almost original but only muffler is Okamoto racing.

In these days, there are some RS400R parts on the net-auction. But I think it is difficult to find out it is true or not, so I hope these photos may help you.

rs400r1.jpg rs400r3.jpg rs400r4.jpg rs400r5.jpg

Nov. 2004.

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