Local meeting in Shiga, Japan

The local meeting had been held in Shiga prefecture of Japan at 10th May of 2003. 4 owners of CBX has gathered.
(From the left side, Fujimoto, Kitanishi, myself and Nakae.)

I have met with Fujimoto and Nakae in Shiga area because they could not join The 2nd meeting because it was not match to the holiday of them. Another CBX owner Kitanishi who lives in Ishikawa prefecture, actuall Ishikawa is not so close to Shiga area but he also joined to this local meeting. Thanks a lot. At last, four machines made a line. Especially three F2's line is very special. In Japan, almost CBX are 400 F, not F2 type.

Enjoy photos.

Please try to gather CBx owners in your own home town. It is one of big joy to keep 20 years old motorcycle.
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