Brent's 550F

Just thought I would send a couple of pictures of my 1983 CBX550F which I purchased used in 1985.
The bike is pretty much original except for the fairing, exhaust system(original Honda part cost $800.00 in 1990!), the seat recovered, the fork seals replaced, clutch discs changed, cam chain tensioner and fresh piston rings. Most of the work was done in my spare time between 1995 and 2003. The bike sat in boxes in my garage for 4 years until I finally got back to it. It had 10,000kms when I bought it, and is just about to roll over 55,000. Anyway, just wanted to add another Canadian CBX to the page! GREAT SITE!

cbx1.jpg cbx2.jpg

Aug. 2005.

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