Asakawa's CBX400F

I have got a mail from Mr. Asakawa in Ibaraki, JAPAN.

I bought it in June of 1982 but after 4 years running, I unregistered the moto and just keep it in my garage 6 years. After that I restored it and now I keep running. Unfortunately, I just use it for only short touring - around 200 Km long - in 2 or 3 times per year. So I had run only 5000Km while recent 12 years. The total milage is still 14000Km. Yes I agree that the first priority of CBX is running.
So I don't need any overhaul still now. This year, I setted back all exterior parts to originals. Almost parts are originals since 1982 except tires and some small things. All replaced parts are also Honda's genuine parts.

a03.jpg a01.jpg a02.jpg

Sep. 2004.

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