Adam's 550F

I live in Geelong, Australia and the CBX is my second bike. I have had my CBX550 for a week now.
I didn't really know about them before buying this one, but when I tested it it just felt "right". I paid $1400AUD for it with rego and RWC. It has 23000km on the clock. I love the sound it makes as it goes past 7000rpm. The motor has a very smooth power curve.
It still looks good for it's age. It has a few oil leaks but they should be easily fixed with some gaskets and seals. I had to weld up the exhaust near the collector as it was very rusted and was getting louder as I rode it.
My camchain is still very quiet, I hope it stays this way for a while yet! Now I just have to work out how to carry my dog on the CBX......


cbx1.jpg cbx2.jpg

Mar. 2005.


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